Best Electric Kettle Under 2000 in India 2020

Are YouLooking for the best Electric Kettles Under Rs. 2000 Budget? then You are at The Right Place and Today We Are Going to Review and Suggest the best 2000 Rupees Electric Kettles in the Indian Market.

List of Best Electric Kettle Under 2000

Product listBuy FromBuy From
1.Philips HD-9303/02 Electric Kettle  Flipkart Amazon
2.Bajaj KTX 15 Electric Kettle Flipkart Amazon
3.Prestige Multi-Cooker 41872 PMC Flipkart Amazon
4.Wonderchef Water Boiler Electric Kettle Flipkart Amazon
5.Cello Quick Boil 900 Electric Kettle Flipkart Amazon

There are absolutely no issues with this product. It delivers whatever it is built for, and does it well. Looks good, yet robust to handle daily handling. Stainless Steel quality is good. it boils max capacity 1.2L within 4 to 5 MIN according to water temperature. Philips quality is no doubt good, auto cutoff switch, stainless steel body, and instant heating.

it is very lightweight so it is easy to carry in travel bags. Heats up very quickly. It has an auto switch off the system so one doesn’t need to be alert to switch the kettle off.

Built Quality – This is the best thing about cello Electric Kettle. It’s made up of good quality metal, you can feel after taking it in your hand.

So without wasting your time, let’s talk about the best and top Electric Kettles available in the market with a price of less than 2000. Below we have listed the Best Electric Kettles Under 2000 in India. This Electric Kettles will prove to be very useful for you.

Philips HD-9303/02 (1.2 L)

 Philips HD-930302 Electric Kettle  (1.2 L, Black)

Absolutely no problems. Boils water very fast and even retaining the capacity of hot water is also good. The auto-off works fine. The water indicator is inside the kettle. Boils 1.2 liters of water in just 4 minutes. You can make one cup of tea in just 6-7 minutes(less than a minute for boiling). Very satisfied. 1600 Whelps to heat very quickly and water boils in a short time. Good enough for making Maggi, oats, tea, etc as it turns off automatically thereby preventing food products to stick at the bottom.Easy to clean and handle. It heats water/milk very fast and consumes very little energy. It is lightweight.

Operating Mode Cordless
Heating Element Stainless Steel
Sales Package Heating Base, User Manual, Kettle
Consumes 1800 W
Capacity 1.2 L
Power Requirement 230
Ratings 2,688
Price Rs.1,899

Bajaj KTX 15 (1.7 L)

 Bajaj KTX 15 Electric Kettle  (1.7 L, Black)

It has cordless operation i.e there is no cord attached with a kettle so you can move anywhere for serving after the milk or water has boiled. It has Auto-Cut off feature i.e when the milk of water reaches the boiling point it gets cut-off automatically. There is an auto-cut off indicator at the bottom when milk or water is boiling it is on and when it reaches boiling point it gets off automatically. It has an ON/OFF button on the handle for quick operation. The major portion of Kettle is made up of steel and therefore it gives executive look and is very suitable for office use also.

Operating Mode Cordless
Heating Element Concealed
Auto Switch Off Yes
Consumes 1500 W
Capacity 1.7 L
Power Requirement 230
Ratings 1,694
Price Rs.1,600

Prestige Multi-Cooker 41872 PMC 3.0

 Prestige Multi Cooker 41872 PMC 3.0 Multi Cooker Electric Kettle

One can boil water, egg, make rice, noodles, pasta into this. But the boiling of milk is not recommended by the manufacturer. The kettle unit is detachable from the electrical surface below it. The metal used for the build quality is also good. The lid of the kettle is too hard to break. it’s a very good product for those who live in the hostel. We can make maggie pasta and so many things. we can fry papad because it has a grilling stand as well as we can boil the eggs. so it is worth for money. The biggest advantage is the temperature control button, so the milk doesn’t spill.

Operating Mode Cordless Detachable Base
Suitable For Multi-Cooker
Operating Mode Cordless Detachable Base
Consumes 600 W
Capacity 1.6 L
Sales Package 1 electric kettle
Ratings 1,027
Price Rs.1,433

Wonderchef Water Boiler (1.7 L)

 Wonderchef Water Boiler Electric Kettle  (1.7 L, Orange)

You can make black coffee, packet soup, coffee and green tea with this electric kettle from Wondercheck. This plastic electric kettle can heat 1.7 liters of water and it consumes 1850-watt power during boiling. It has a filter to wash the kettle. The water level is also installed in it. This electric kettle has an auto switch-off technology if the water boils turn off the kettle when it reaches the cabling point. Chose this product based on the review. Very good and is made of good quality Plastic Body. It looks stylish and has a good capacity. Works as per expectation. It is quick, safe and handy.

Width 17.5 cm
Suitable For Water, Tea & Soups
Body Plastic Body
Consumes 1850 W
Capacity 1.7 L
Sales Package 1 electric kettle
Ratings 851
Price Rs.1,450

Cello Quick Boil 900 (1 L)

Cello Quick Boil 900 Electric Kettle (1 L, Black, Silver)

The body of the kettle seems to be quite strong. In this model, we have auto cut off which is perfect. It may be used to make Maggi, boil eggs, make soup, chai, etc as is stated in the reviews. Consumes approx 1.2kW(max rating) . So you’ll have to continuously use it for at least 50 mins to consume one unit of electricity. Efficient in that way. The opening is wide enough to clean the inside comfortably. However, the lid needs to be closed for the auto cut off to work when boiling water, else it just keeps on boiling.

Width 17.5 cm
Suitable For Water, Tea & Soups
Body Stainless Steel Body
Consumes 1000 W
Capacity 1 L
Sales Package 1 Kettle, Warranty Card
Ratings 601
Price Rs.1,549

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