Best Earphones Under 500

Best headphones under Rs 500 in India

in 2020 Smartphones sells increased in a wide range, But the problem is Almost every brand now providing the Phone without any Earphones. You have to purchase separately if you need to use a Headphone.

So that Many people now searching for the best budget Earphones for their daily usages. if you are one of them and your budget is below 500 rupees then you have landed on the right page.

Today in this article we are going to share with you Top 5 Best Best Earphones Under ₹500. ShopHelper Team done deep research to find out which one is best or not, Now scroll down and choose one of them as your desire.

Top 5 Earphones Under 500

Before choosing anyone keeps in mind that we are suggesting the only best products, So please don’t forget to read all the Pros and Cons before buying.

Also, remember that we keep updating the list whenever a new Earphone comes in the Market.

Now without wasting any time let’s start the list with the Budget King Realme Earbuds

Realme buds 1

Earphones Under 500 is Realme buds 1 Review

This is the first Earphone from the Brand Realme, ShopHelper strongly Suggest you, To buy this one without hesitation because of it’s Sound Quality and Pricing.

See what buyers saying about this product

Got this headphone yesterday and since then listening to a lot of music through this earphone. Now I want to share my thoughts with you guys. When I first saw this product I loved it, going by the advertisement and some of the reviews on YouTube I decided to purchase it but it seems to me that I have chosen the wrong one. The main reason for why I bought this earphone was the bass and I tell you guys the bass is not satisfied, I mean it is not pathetic but those who are deep bass lovers would certainly be disappointed. I also have boAt 220 and bass output from this headset is slightly superior but those who do not love deep bass but love clear sound would be happy with this headset. One thing that would certainly make you happy is that the build quality. Use of magnet behind the earplugs is very useful and a nice addition below rs 500 category. Here follows my category wise rating.

  1. Durable
  2. Good bass
  3. Good control like volume, track change, call receive, cut.
  4. good vocal clarity
  5. Very loud, can’t not listen in full volume
  6. very lightweight.
  7. design is very elegant, so fit perfectly.

boAt BassHeads

 boAt BassHeads 100 Wired Headset with Mic  (Black, In the Ear)

Nice headphone. The wire quality is also not so bad compared to bass head 225 and the best thing is in 225 the bass is over normal and so normal treble and vocal get suppress. But in 100 bass heads, the sound is just balanced and bass is super and overall sounds awesome, if want earphones and don’t want over bass with suppressed treble and vocals then go with bass heads 100 where everything is balanced and. awesome.

If you combine the sound and bass of the earphone, the sound is very low, and bass I kinda cool. if u wanna here some mass songs in this earphone or watch some action trailers in this earphone you’ll be disappointed coz it only has bass. No sound even in full volume. but it’s also kinda good for ur ears and head. The sound is excellent. a wire is enough long. 3.5mm jack makes it good for any smartphone. It also has a mic. It has a premium look.

Headphone Type In the Ear
Connector Size 3.5 mm
Connectivity Wired
Series BassHeads
Height 18 mm
Weight 36.4 g
Cord Length 1.2 m
Price Rs. 399

Samsung EHS64

 Samsung EHS64 Wired Headset with Mic  (White, In the Ear)

it is indeed the original headset from Samsung ..made in Vietnam…good clear sound quality with satisfactory balance between bass and treble..with ample volume ..earbuds are comfortable and provide good isolation from the surroundings(I was able to listen to music clearly in a crowded train with almost no surround noise interference)..very good surround sound experience especially with Samsung sound alive and Dolby atmos…So don’t listen to foolish words and give it a won’t regret it.

Awesome and genuine Samsung headphone which normally comes along with Samsung mobiles. Accurate bass and treble which will not hurt your ears. Perfect noise cancellation. You are getting volume control buttons at this price point which is one more advantage. Worth buying. These earphones are very comfortable and the quality of sound is good. At this price point, it is a good product. However, it does not have noise cancellation and the controls are a bit difficult to operate. But I guess it’s fine for the price point.

Headphone Type In the Ear
Connector Size 3.5 mm
Connectivity Wired
With Microphone Yes
Deep Bass Yes
Color White
Inline Remote Yes
Price Rs. 444

Philips SHE1525BK 94

Philips SHE1525BK 94 Wired Headset with Mic  (Black, In the Ear)

Awesome product. It has clear sound, high bass and easy to increase or decrease the volume. But the earbud is not so good. It’ll be better if the company gives one another earbud pair. The sound quality is really good. The mic part also consists of separate sound min and max apart from inbuilt sound, which can be slid as per requirement. Also, a mini button that manages call and also using it as play/pause.

its have rubber ear Holder and removable.well hold with or without holder. headset plug a little bit longer but its help to the long life of the headset. flat connecting wire. rubber earbud gives a gap between ear and speaker to make sure your ear safe. sound quality was fantastic.its have microphone volume control button and multi-functional switch. One of the greatest headset with superb sound and built quality. Costs only 400 bucks but can beat a headset of 1000 bucks of the same type. The sliding volume button is unique.

Model Name SHE1525BK 94
Headphone Type In the Ear
Connectivity Wired
Deep Bass Yes
With Microphone Yes
Inline Remote No
Price Rs. 375


JBL C50HI Rich Bass Wired Headset with Mic  (Red, In the Ear)

Bass is good, Vocals & acoustics are clear on 80% volume. Sound output is well balanced so it is loud & clear but not so much loud so you can listen to music on full volume. You will feel the true JBL Sound with these earphones. It has L shaped 3.5 mm audio jack. The build quality of the JBL C50Hi is decent, compared to the price I can say is good. But the only flaw in the build of these earphones is its cable, which is thin and tangle-prone and it doesn’t look very durable.

The plastic casing of the earpods and microphones should be more hard and durable. The length of the wire is long but it should be some longer to avoid any twist to tamper. The 3.5 mm jack should be straight and thick rather than 90 degree ‘L’ shaped. Else the Sound, Bass, Clarity is awesome like anything even better than Sony (low segment), Sennheiser, Skullcandy, Boat, and Others… JBL is a German Company and has the best technology after BOSE for sound ever.

Headphone Type In the Ear
Connectivity Wired
Connector Size 3.5 mm
Headphone Driver Units 8.6 mm
Cord Length 1.2 m
Impedance 4.5 ohm
Carrier Frequency 20Hz to 20kHz
PriceRs. 499

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