Best Gaming Laptops Under 30000 in India 2019

Which is the Best Gaming laptop Under 30000?

If you are looking for less than 30000 laptops for gaming, study and office use. Then you have come to the right place. Here I will tell you the list of best laptops under 30000 rupees. Keep in mind that you need to do a lot of research before buying the best laptop, about the processor model, gen, RAM, battery life, after service, build quality and more.

I would like to tell you not to waste your precious time because I already did. So according to your budget choose the best laptop given below.

We want to tell you not to expect any serious gaming on these machines. However, the logo containing the GT920M should be able to handle some recent games such as FIFA and WoW at medium settings. However, these laptops should be sufficient to run casual programs, MS Office and other software without lag.

Best Gaming Laptops Under 30000 in India

Now without wasting time, let’s talk about the best and top laptops available in the market in 2019. Below we have listed the best laptops which are priced below Rs 30,000. And all these laptops will meet your every need.

HP 15 Ryzen R3 Laptop (4GB/1TB HDD/Windows 10 Home)

photo of HP 15 Ryzen R3 Laptop (4GB1TB HDDWindows 10 Home)

Ryzen is giving pure graphical performance. If ur looking for a midrange gaming laptop go for its best in this segment. Some guys are giving bad reviews about that don’t get confused. If u utilities its full hardware and software facilities that ur going to love this. ill give you some additional information.

AMD ryzen processor its have better multi-thread performance when compare to intel i3good for gaming. Performance u can run high-end game’s in this. if u upgrade ur ram to 8 GB it will run like a pro. you have an m2 slot for SSD.

Fast charging takes around 45 min to charge 50% and the battery is inbuilt. its coming with Windows 10 lifetime validity. It comes with a DVD drive and smooth finished coating. Lightweight only 2 kg. 8 Price Best in segment.

If you can buy this laptop under 23k, just go for it. You won’t regret it. There are many upgrade options available for this laptop So that you can improve the performance of this laptop. I didn’t find any other laptop where I can upgrade to Nvme m.2 SSD. So I was testing my laptop for the last few weeks without the upgrade and it was performing well. But there were some issues with the gaming, Photoshop and continues browsing with many tabs opened.

Item Weight 2.04 Kg
RAM Size 4 GB
Hard Drive Size 1024 GB
Battery Average Life 13 Hours
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Screen Size 15.6 Inches
Price Rs. 27,386.00

ASUS VivoBooK Intel Laptop (4GB/1TB HDD/Windows 10)

photo of ASUS VivoBooK Intel Laptop (4GB1TB HDDWindows 10)

Excellent product. Recommended buy. VERY lightweight and compact. m.2 SSD slot available. I separately bought an SSD for 2k to improve performance. comes with Windows 10 home edition licensed copy. build is plastic but sturdy. No complaints abt that. looks good, the best price.

All good. It’s not a supercomputer but has it’s performance Nd works pretty well. I was beat confused before buying if amazon will deliver a good one or not. But when I got it and used it I m happy and fine with its performance and loved its compactness.

So guys if u want a budget laptop under 30 k with good configurations than this laptop is for u. ASUS has done a fabulous job for budget laptops. I will recommend u guys go for it but it has a nice handy compact design with a 14-inch screen and a fingerprint scanner which makes it perfect. Apart from that, it has a fast-charging battery which completes its full charge less than 1 hr.

So guys don’t worry buy it if u have a plan to purchase a budget laptop under 30 k. Bcz this model is not available on the market, it’s an online model. Thanks, I hope u do good guys.

Good laptop for office workers and students
A very good product but the camera and keyboard quality could have been better. Has a large trackpad with a fingerprint lock. Pretty smooth with Windows 10 preloaded that too latest update ( one should update to the newer win10 build edition before using it)
liked the screen quality too but look for no.

Item Weight 1.55 Kg
RAM Size 4 GB
Hard Drive Size 1024 GB
Battery Average Life 8 Hours
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Screen Size 14 Inches
Price Rs. 28,990.00 

Acer Aspire Laptop (Ryzen 5/4GB/1TB/Windows 10 Home)

photo of Acer Aspire Laptop (Ryzen 54GB1TBWindows 10 Home)

Really nice laptop. Not sure why this is getting sold at a lower price(30k) when the same variant is getting sold at 35k. This works really nice after removing all the bloatware. Ryzen 5 with full HD is unbelievable at this price. RAM is always utilizing its 50% wherein 500mb is dedicated for redon vega and shared mem 2gb.

Best laptop at this price. Not sure why people are complaining about Display it bright enough for indoor use. Battery life is good.. processor anytime better than I5-8th gen. An integrated graphic is also better than one that comes with the I5 -8th gen laptop.

Cons include slow harddrive and slow ram added with the system.. Highly recommend to upgrade to faster ram and SSD for better performance and satisfaction. Best buy at this price.

It’s a great option for students, programmers or even home usage, but I wouldn’t recommend it to people who travel a lot with their laptop. I’m very satisfied with the product. (Except the battery life)

Item Weight 2.3 Kg
RAM Size 4 GB
Hard Drive Size 1024 GB
Battery Average Life 6.5 Hours
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Screen Size 15.6 Inches
Price Rs. 29,950.00

Dell Vostro Laptop (4GB/1TB HDD/Windows 10 Home)

photo of Dell Vostro Laptop (4GB1TB HDDWindows 10 Home)

The laptop is great for 30k with core i3 8th gen. As many reviews are already pointed out the laptop is horribly slow due to in built-in 5400 rpm HDD. Honestly, this problem exists on all laptop running win10 on a mechanical HDD. Buy this laptop only if willing to spend at least another 2k for a basic 120gb SSD for os and other programs.

The 1tb can be used as an external drive or secondary drive with caddy. The HDD to SSD replacement is a little tricky as you need to remove the back panel, DVD drive and the keyboard. Also, it has another additional ram slot for another 8gb extension. After the SSD upgrade, the laptop will run smooth with no issues. Overall a good laptop with the latest config which has the option to upgrade SSD and ram.

Guess there’s a great improvement in the 8th gen i3 processor from its predecessor. The boot-up speed is amazing. If you are used to SSD based laptops, you will wonder how fast it is even on HDD. SSD on such a model will make wonders and expect it should be able to boot in 4 secs.

i3 8145u powerful processor. Great battery life, Fingerprint scanner, M.2. Slot ( for SSD upgrades), LED display ( low power consumption). No issues with the laptop. After installing windows 10 and office the latest and other applications lap a little slow…so I upgrade my ram to 12 Gb now it’s much faster than previous. But processing is slow.
You cant upgrade processor because it is inbuilt. Fingerprint is faster. Small and Easy to use. Best laptop for students.

Item Weight 1.78 Kg
RAM Size 4 GB
Hard Drive Size 1024 GB
Battery Average Life 6.5 Hours
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Screen Size 14 Inches
Price Rs. 27,490.00

Lenovo Ideapad Laptop (4GB/1TB/Windows 10)

photo of Lenovo Ideapad Laptop (4GB1TBWindows 10)

It looks very classy and compact.features are less but good for students who want to buy for simple college use and watching movies etc. Its a nice Laptop with very good features as mentioned. Not a gamer though. use (for a student). However, the backlight for the keyboard is not working. All in all value for money especially for students. You will have to buy MS Office apps separately.

It is a good lightweight laptop and it looks well. Value for money. Slow but okay according to budget. Battery draining quickly. Sound and picture quality is good. I suggest For students to use it. The heavy task can’t be performed as it runs slowly with 4 GB RAM. with a low budget, one can go for this.

Ideapad 330S offers ample storage of 1 TB to help you build your collection of photos and more. So with 1 TB HDD space, all your videos, photos and files can now be accessed in one place.

Featuring HD IPS anti-glare resolution on a 14” display that gives visibly clear output from all angles edged with razor-thin bezels. Additionally, with Dolby Audio, the Ideapad 330S dramatically enhances your entertainment experience. Turn up the volume without distortion, you’ll hear every detail.

Item Weight 1.6 Kg
RAM Size 4 GB
Hard Drive Size 1024 GB
Battery Average Life Upto 5.5 hours 
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Screen Size 14 Inches
Price Rs. 27,990.00

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