Best Laptop Under 45000 in India 2019

Which is the best laptop under 45000?

If you are looking for the best laptop in the budget of Rs 45000, then you have come to the right place. We have made the list of best laptops under 45000 in India from top brands like dell, hp, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer.

Today the laptops we will talk about will all belong to the branded company such as Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, they all make branded good quality products and they have good service centers in India. On all these laptops, you have an on-site warranty of 1 year, if there is any problem with their laptops then you can go to their service center.

You will get the best laptops under 45000 in India. These best laptops include seventh and eighth-generation Intel Core I Chip. You will also get the best gaming performance with features like 8 GB RAM, 2 GB gaming cards under 45000. Full HD display, and more.

We have made a list of top laptops under 45000. You will have 4GB RAM and 500GB storage on all these laptops. They also have up to 1TB of storage as we know that laptops with Intel Core processors are much more power-efficient and they provide a lot of battery backup and laptops with AMD processors are good for graphics and games.

Best Laptop Under 45000 in India

Now without wasting time, let’s have a look at the specs of the best laptop professionals under 45000 in India. Below we have listed the best laptops which are priced below Rs 45,000.

HP Laptop (8th Gen Core i5-8265U/8GB/1TB/Windows 10)

photo of HP Laptop (8th Gen Core i5-8265U8GB1TBWindows 10)

Please don’t go with their i3 version as its damn slow to work instead choose this one and it works really better. it never lags when it comes to performance. The build quality is better than Dell / Lenovo that is in this price range.

This laptop is best for work and almost small games can be played on it easily. Play this pubg mobile. It is working great even without gpu but I can get it all from everywhere when you If you receive the goods with IT, then you can easily get any damage. Thank you HP for this amazing method.

It’s a budget laptop with such a beautiful design. Performance-wise I have not installed any heavy software so I am not very sure of it. Until now it looks good. Just it’s a bit heavy from what I had assumed.

This is great laptop worth its price. Its colour is very sexy and looks very good. Magnificent features are there I recommend u to buy this laptop. Battery life is good and easy to handle due to less weight. Not tried too much for gaming but when tried performance is good.

Item Weight 1.77 Kg
RAM Size 8 GB
Hard Drive Size 1024 GB
Battery Average Life 13 Hours
Screen Size 15.6 Inches
Warranty 1-year manufacturer warranty
Price Rs. 44,490.00 

Asus VivoBook Laptop (8 GB/512 GB SSD/Windows 10 Home)

photo of  Asus VivoBook Laptop (8 GB512 GB SSDWindows 10 Home)

This has integrated graphics (no separate graphics cards). 8GB of RAM – 4 GB RAM soldered on the motherboard and 4B RAM fitted in a slot. The 4 GB RAM of the slot can be upgraded to 8 GB in the future. So that the total RAM can go up to a max of 12 GB.

SSD is connected through PCIe on the motherboard (as per the technical literature) which I suppose, is faster than SATA or M.2 type of SSD connections. Bought this laptop for Rs. 47,990/- (without exchange) on 03 Jul 2019. It has pre-installed Windows 10.

The first impression of the laptop is good. It’s really compact. This is a 14″ laptop with ultra-narrow bezel. looks really impressive. I wanted something which is light yet powerful enough. This laptop perfectly fits the bill. Weight is 1.5 kgs…feels very light. Boots up in 3-4 seconds…. shut down in 2-3 seconds.

No heating issue observed while normal browsing or typing. “Precision Touchpad” is very responsive and all gestures are working really fine. Sound is a little low, however good enough if you are in the same room. The sound is crystal clear.

Screen brightness is also on the lower side. You may find a bit inconvenient if you are working outdoors, in the sun. It has a chicklet keyboard. Buttons seem a bit delicate. Let’s see how long it lasts. The fingerprint scanner is fast. Battery seems ok. Not tested fully yet. But should last for around 5 hours of continuous use. Overall, it’s a very good buy under 50K.

Item Weight 1.5 kg
RAM Size 8 GB
Hard Drive Size 512 GB
Dimensions 322 x 212 x 19.9 mm
Screen Size 35.56 cm (14 inch)
Warranty 1 Year Limited International Hardware Warranty
Price Rs. 43,990  

Acer Swift 3 Laptop (8 GB/1 TB HDD/Windows 10 Home)

photo of A beastly bang for the buck product...  bought it for 38000 during republic sale  Pros  Ryzen 5 processor IPS display backlit keyboard slim design full metallic body 180° tilt monitor have type c port  u can get 2 years extended warranty for just 1179 by registering at or 1year accidental protection and 2 year extended warranty for 1700 just call acer customercare if u have any doubts  cons slight light bleed on top corner of the ips display (only noticible during really dark screen)  small cooler due to slim design a better cooler would have resulted better performance from the APU  cooler went is on the back...when u lift the monitor up the air wents between the monitor and body  no cd drive and ethernet port   Advice  for people who want better gaming performance  the ryzen 5 is a beast APU for laptop but the power sharing between the processor and APU is not perfect for example during gaming the processor sometimes clocks up to 3.5 ghz limiting power to the GPU so it clocks down to 600-700 mhz from the max 1200mhz at first i thought it was cooling but its not just the never goes above 80 even when playing GTA V  i found with msi afterburner that the GPU clocks higher during battery mode than when powered on resulting better smooth performance when running on battery than when plugged in...the reason is during battery mode the processor limits its clockspeed giving more power for the GPU and when powered on the cpu clocks higher power throttling GPU  for people who want better gaming performance than stock create a custom power profile in control panel which restrict maximum cpu state to 40% this locks cpu around 2000mhz that gives the GPU much better power delivery and allows it to stay around 900mhz   result gtav @ 900p custom setting high shaders and high grass othe settings mostly loe and normal gives 30-40 fps  other games i tried alien isolation, Max Payne 3 ,NFS run all can deliver above 30 fps at max 1080p settings  pubg mobile gives around 40 @ hd resolution cant set higher than that

Been using this interesting device extensively for some time now. Thought of taking some time to review. I had found a bunch of reviews that the fingerprint reader doesn’t work properly. But, once you get the knack of it, it is a breeze and works always, for me. It does not boot up super fast, blame the HDD, I guess, but it is not slow. Once up and running, I experienced no glitches.

The performance of the laptop is very good. once you updated the window (7.5gb update ) fingerprint sensor:- not very good quite slow but I think after adding SSD it will perform well. Display:- Best speaker:- 4 out of 5. Body design:- I think this is the best thing about this laptop metal body is just wow. screen Hinge is a little tight you have to use both the hands to open the screen.

first of all the build quality and design of the laptop is awesome.display is the best in this price range since you are getting an IPS display(full HD). it looks like a premium laptop and at the same time offers a good performance.

ryzen 5 is quite good and the Vega 8 integrated graphics can handle majority games like call of duty, NFS,farcry, assassins creed, GTA 5. the battery lasted for about 6-7 hours of normal usage which is pretty good (at a low level of brightness). you get fingerprint unlock but it’s not the fastest

Item Weight 2.1 kg
RAM Size 8 GB
Hard Drive Size 1 TB
Dimensions 370.5 x 255 x 18.9 mm
Screen Size 39.62 cm (15.6 inch)
Warranty 1 Year International Travelers Warranty (ITW)
Price Rs. 43,990  

Lenovo Ideapad (8 GB/1 TB HDD/Windows 10 Home/2 GB Graphics)

photo of Amazing Specifications at such a low price. However there are 3 faults in Laptop, Display is TN, that's why it's a bit blacker than the normal laptop displays. Mousepad is not good, it's surface is not that hard at it should be. Sound not loud at all, your mobile could have more sound than this laptop.

Amazing Specifications at such a low price. However there are 3 faults in Laptop, Display is TN, that’s why it’s a bit blacker than the normal laptop displays. Mousepad is not good, it’s surface is not that hard at it should be. Sound not loud at all, your mobile could have more sound than this laptop.

Rest all of the specs are fantastic, Plus Point for this Laptop is its processing speed. Also if you are a gaming fan or a gamer, NVIDIA graphics will do justice. Awesome performance but you have compromised the display. The display could be better. Max resolution is 1366×768. Overall very good laptop in this price range.

The best laptop in this price range, if you can live with 768p display instead of 1080p As no other laptop gives Nvidia MX150 with 8th Gen i5 so that makes up for not giving Full HD. the only con for me is that they reduced the price by 3K ( 48 to 45 ) just two days after I bought it.

Great Performance at a great price! The Ideapad 330 is a budget beast and is suitable for gamers who look for great performance at a low price. The laptop comes with 8 gigs of ram and the new Nvidia mx150, which is one of the best entry-level cards on the market. Coupled with The latest 8th gen intel i5, this laptop ensures smooth multitasking and gaming.

Item Weight 2.2 kg
RAM Size 8 GB
Hard Drive Size 1 TB
Dimensions 378 x 260 x 22.9 mm
Screen Size 39.62 cm (15.6 inch)
Warranty 1 Year Onsite Warranty
Price Rs. 44,990  

Dell Inspiron Core i5 Laptop (4GB/1TB HDD/Windows 10/MS Office)

photo of Dell Inspiron Core i5  Laptop (4GB1TB HDDWindows 10MS Office)

The screen quality was OK. But a little slow as per the configuration basis. Full HD support with high-resolution with anti glare display .but the normal quality videos like less picture quality when it Running.

The model was heavyweight and very old type finished. The laptop is overall nice and worth every rupee. It did give me a scare when during the first time setup, I could hear loud fan noise, but this was because of the background updates. After all updates, the laptop runs silently as I.

Can we play GTA 5 in this game, which is the best laptop? The Good Graphics Card is Intel UHD 620 IT.

Speed for everything: With support for up to 16GB of memory, you can run multiple applications simultaneously and still enjoy responsive performance on your system. Graphically superior: Graphics options with up to 2GB GDDR5 let you edit quickly and give your performance an extra boost.

Item Weight 2.5 Kg
RAM Size 4 GB
Hard Drive Size 1024 GB
Dimensions 378 x 260 x 22.9 mm
Screen Size 15.6 Inches
Warranty 1 Year Onsite Warranty
Price Rs. 43,899.00  

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