Best Smartphone Under 21000 in India 2019

Which is the best Smartphone in India under 21000?

In this article, we will talk about the Best Smartphone Under 21000 in India. At least the Snapdragon 8xx / 71x series is desirable on Android devices at the cost of this phone as this budget smartphone has the best processor series. This phone is also enabled for gaming and all models will be updated for Android 9.0 pie. In this 21000 best smartphone, you will get a lace display, dual-rear camera, and many more features.

All the phones we will talk about come with the latest processors and most phones come with 3GB, 4GB, 6GB, and 8GB RAM and 32GB, 64GB, 128GB 256GB storage. And let us tell you that these phones are 4G, so the 4G network will run at a faster speed and you will be able to use VoLTE as well.

Inside all these smartphones you have the chipsets Snapdragon 660, 665, 675, and 712. Let me tell you that it can also perform heavy tasks through hardware configuration. The size of these displays is 6 or 6.5 inches. Here you will find smartphones with the latest 18: 9 or 19: 9 bezel-less notch display and dual or triple rear camera.

Best Smartphone Under 21000 in India

So without wasting your time let’s talk about the best and top Smartphones available in the market with a price of fewer than 21000 rupees. Below we have listed the best phones And this phone will prove to be very helpful to you.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro (Black, 64 GB)  (3 GB RAM)

photo of Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro (Black, 64 GB)  (3 GB RAM)

Screen Quality:- Great.just awesome viewing Angles.and with 1080p AMOLED the video experience is just outstanding! Sensors:-finally Samsung out mobile with all the useful sensors.glad to see that from a reputable company. Camera:-The rear camera shoots a lot better with f/1.7 aperture.but the front camera is not so good in my opinion.its good.but, not the best according to the price point. Sound quality:-The speaker is just’s lucky to see that the speaker of a Samsung phone is very loud and adequate.

Calling quality:-Its supports VoLTE out of the box. Calling quality is best. Works fine with Jio and any other network. Gaming:-This phone is for medium gamers.not for heavy gamers as it has an average processor. Software, UI, and customization:-It comes Android 7.0 out of the box, with Samsung owns experience UI and believe me it’s just awesome.and also the Always-on-display is just a gift form Samsung to gives its full complete beautiful image of this phone. And also The Samsung Pay is just a bonus from the Samsung to its loveable customer.

Operating System Android Nougat 7
Internal Storage 64 GB
Expandable Storage 128 GB
Primary Camera 13MP
Secondary Camera 13MP
Battery Capacity 3600 mAh
Price Rs. 20,995

Samsung Galaxy A6+ (Gold, 64 GB)  (4 GB RAM)

photo of  Samsung Galaxy A6+ (Gold, 64 GB)  (4 GB RAM)

So far the performance is very good. For the amount of 20.9K, I could say this is the best option available. As everybody would agree Samsung is undisputed in its display features. If you use the Samsung keyboard anytime you can never go with any other makes. It has the best in class display and all-time on display which does not consume battery .only battery is an issue which drains within the day as per new usage trends of the digital world.

The phone is pretty good with respect to the specifications it offers. However, it would have better if it had dual volte, type – c port and a better snapdragon processor version. Good Camera, Good Battery, Excellent display, Smooth Samsung UI with always-on Display. Does the job. Good value for money. a good camera is average at night but good in day time display quality is excellent and the processor is good for normal use not for heavy use.

Operating System Android Oreo 8
Internal Storage 64 GB
Processor Core Octa Core
Primary Camera 16MP + 5MP
Secondary Camera 24MP
Battery Capacity 3500 mAh
Price Rs. 20,995

OPPO F1S (Grey, 32 GB)  (3 GB RAM)

photo of  OPPO F1S (Grey, 32 GB)  (3 GB RAM)

Without much technological babble and theory about what being a good display and what should be a good screen and display properties, the display of this phone is very good. Yes, it is not in the same line as the display of premium phones, but in the group of an HD display, this display is very good and clearly visible in strong sunlight. It has two capacitive soft keys, not noticeable in daylight, but a soft white color that glows softly in dark. It has one notification LED, which is white and the glow is soft. I find it aesthetically pleasing.

It has a good security feature of encrypted apps. One can easily go in the settings and assign the apps with an extra level of security such that when anyone will try to access that app, say WhatsApp, it will ask for a pattern unlock and this pattern will be different than the pattern to unlock the phone. That is, if anyone sets a unlock pattern to unlock the phone, he can set a different pattern for these encrypted and private apps.

Operating System Android Lollipop 5.1.1
Internal Storage 32 GB
Expandable Storage 128 GB
Primary Camera 13MP
Secondary Camera 16MP
Battery Capacity 3075 mAh
Price Rs. 20,000

Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 (Metallic Blue, 8 GB)  (1 GB RAM)

photo of  Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 (Metallic Blue, 8 GB)  (1 GB RAM)

GPU is good. It can run most of the games easily. Has 1GB ram so multitasking is hassle-free. Samsung has installed many features that will help you use the phone with ease. Although screen resolution is not high, it’s not very noticeable in day to day use. Camera quality is really good. Way ahead of most mobiles in its range. Battery lasts for about 1.5 days under normal use with data always on. 2 flip covers were provided for free so no need to spend extra on them.

Battery life for my usage is a steady 24 – 30 hours. I don’t play videos or games. Bluetooth phone connection with my car HU is easy and automatic. The phone’s sound quality in the car is very good. Wi-Fi is quick and easy and automatically logs in to the strongest connection in my house (we have 3 wireless in our house). GPS works very well. I have two apps for tracking my walking and the GPS locks quickly to the satellites and is steady. Google Maps loads quickly and is easy to use for driving routes as it is fast. Messaging is good. Whatsapp is much better here than in Blackberry.

Operating System Android Jelly Bean 4.1
Internal Storage 8 GB
Expandable Storage 64 GB
Primary Camera 8MP
Secondary Camera 2MP
Battery Capacity 2100 mAh
Price Rs. 20,899

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