Best Smartphone Under 40000 in India 2020

Which is the best Smartphone in India under 40000?

ShopHelper has created some lists for you. Best Smartphone Under 40000 in India. ShopHelper has given information about the features of these smartphones in detail below.

The display is absolutely brilliant well it is colored, viewing angles and brightness is awesome, sunlight visibility is great you can see fairly in 80-85% brightness.

The software you get ios 10.2 out of the box and it is even pretty well and easy too to use and fast to the camera is decent and fulfills a good job while in daylight it is perfectly clear and in low light to it gives pretty well pictures.

One of the most important and mandatory components of the mobile phone so this thing in case of iPhone 6 we have1810 mAh battery which have a decent life throughout the day and if you are a heavy gamer then you have to charge it twice a day to peak and averagely the battery backup is stunning well.

Best Smartphone Under 40000 in India

So without wasting your time let’s talk about the best and top Smartphones available in the market with a price of fewer than 40000 rupees. Below we have listed the best phones And this phone will prove to be very helpful to you.

Apple iPhone 6 (Gold, 16 GB)

photo of  Apple iPhone 6 (Gold, 16 GB)

Display – Amazing and very clear. Great visibility outdoors too. Design and build quality – No doubt.. you won’t disappoint with apple. The phone is super sexy!! Battery – Being a moderate user it lasts a complete day with 25-35% battery left. So no problem at all. Software – It comes with ios10 preloaded…super smooth..multi-tasking is a fun. It comes with 1GB Ram and seriously there is no lag at all. You can easily compare the device with high-end RAM ones for the speed. Still, the iphone will perform better.

The display is absolutely stunning. I have compared this with some of the latest AMOLED Android phones side by side and while keeping the phone at a usual reading distance I could not feel any lack of resolution or PPI. Yes if we keep the phone at 5 – 10 cm from the face there may be some difference although very minute. Anyway, I don’t plan to use the phone so close to my face. iOS 8 runs like butter.

Operating System iOS 8
Processor Core Dual Core
Internal Storage 16 GB
Primary Camera 8MP
Secondary Camera 1.2MP
Battery Type Li-Ion
SIM Type Single Sim
Price Rs. 36,499

Apple iPhone 6s Plus (Space Grey, 16 GB)

photo of  Apple iPhone 6s Plus (Space Grey, 16 GB)

Good battery backup.. 2750mAh battery managed to run the phone for 5-6 days with normal usage on a single charge. However, I disagree with Apple’s official website info that music playback duration on a single charge is 80hrs but I do agree to the fact that the standby time of this phone is 16 days which is in accordance with Apple’s claim. Excellent display in 1080p resolution which makes pictures, videos appear crystal clear. Playing 1080p and 4K videos is great fun on iPhone 6S plus.

Excellent earphone and music…. The earphone of Apple i.e the Earpod is an excellent accessory and produces good quality music with rich sound and decent bass… U need not listen to music with full volume as it produces loud music even at 50%-60% of the volume level which is enough… Samsung’s earphones also perform very well with the iPhone.

Operating System iOS 9
Processor Core Dual Core
Internal Storage 16 GB
Primary Camera 12MP
Secondary Camera 5MP
Battery Type 2750 mAh
SIM Type Single Sim
Price Rs. 39,975

OPPO Reno 10x Zoom (Jet Black, 128 GB)  (6 GB RAM)

photo of  OPPO Reno 10x Zoom (Jet Black, 128 GB)  (6 GB RAM)

Fantastic looking device. Gorgeous display, although fewer customizations with modes. Faster and responsive UI and animations. Excellent Haptic feedback. Close to iPhone’s one, but Don’t expect the same level of feedback. Multitasking is great and I Never had any issues. Camera is freaking awesome. They are not your typical point and shoot cameras, if you take some time, you will end up with a gorgeous looking shots. yes, Dynamic range was always a weak point with sony phones but the details it resolves even with no OIS always kept me amazed.

The speakers are so good and loud. Stereo speakers are another thing I didn’t want to sacrifice ( yes, you guessed it right. As I WaS a SoNy uSeR). reno’s speaker is impressive. Battery life and charging speed is phenomenal. unfortunately, no stats shows the screen on time. But the battery is great and it gives a full day usage. The performance is great. 855 with 6 gigs just flies. There are other small things that you would love once you start using the phone.

Operating System Android Pie 9.0
Internal Storage 128 GB
Expandable Storage 256 GB
Primary Camera 48MP + 13, 8MP
Secondary Camera 16MP
Battery Capacity 4065 mAh
Price Rs. 36,990

Google Pixel 3a (Clearly White, 64 GB)  (4 GB RAM)

photo of  Google Pixel 3a (Clearly White, 64 GB)  (4 GB RAM)

Excellent camera (it will give any DSLR a run for its money). Though post-image capture processing is slow. But nevertheless, the end result is exceptional for the most part. Ram management is a bit aggressive (certain apps close very frequently in the background in a very short time, especially native google apps like dialler and messages) Till now the phone has not received any pixel 3a specific bugs fixes in google update although the June security patch update is received.

The device’s in-hand feel is good. Software is minimalistic with no value-added features like found on Xiaomi phones. (no face unlock feature here). There however no lags or stutters in the UI. Apps take a second or two to load but not a concerning issue. this phone is promised to get three years of software updates. Battery life is decent enough lasting a full working day with moderate to heavy use (gaming not considered) Screen quality quite good. Screen size perfect for one-handed use.

Operating System Android Pie 9.0
Internal Storage 64 GB
Primary Camera 256 GB
Primary Camera 48MP + 13, 8MP
Secondary Camera 16MP
Battery Capacity 4065 mAh
Price Rs. 36,990

Apple iPhone 8 (Space Grey, 64 GB)

photo of  Apple iPhone 8 (Space Grey, 64 GB)

Camera quality – much sharper, better quality and especially low light photography has improved. Also, OIS (welcome feature for us coming from 6S) which was included from 7 – helps take better video and zoom photos. Internal Phone Speaker sound quality much improved over 6S. Processing speed – noticeably fast compared to 6S in day to day activities and for games it’s better than iPhone 7. Better AR support with new Bionic chip. New Gold color (some of you folks might not find it to your taste but I like it!!)

Waterproof and Dustproof (not supported in 6S) Better Bluetooth (5.0 supported from 4.2 in 6S) which has a better range and higher speed – Apple watch and Bluetooth speakers work better. Capable of Wireless Charging (Qi Standard) and Fast charging (not present in 6S). No problem of simultaneously listening to songs and charging that iPhone 7 users complain due to removal of the headphone jack All other things you love about 6S are mostly intact like Touch ID. My most important improvement – Improved Battery life due to better efficiency of processors – you get at least 2 hrs over 6S with similar usage

Operating System iOS 12
Internal Storage 64 GB
Primary Camera 12MP
Secondary Camera 7MP
SIM Type Single Sim
Resolution Type Retina HD Display
Model Name iPhone 8
Price Rs. 36,999

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