Best Smartphone Under 60000 in India 2019

Which is the best Smartphone in India under 60000?

If you are looking for the Best Smartphone Under 60000, then your search is over, we have brought for you the best smartphone under 60000. Most of these phones are dual cameras or triple cameras. The list of smartphones given below will not give you any gaming problem. These smartphones have dual or triple cameras, so the pictures are going to be great with the Bokeh effect.

Every smartphone we have mentioned in this article is listed as megapixel, aperture, (OIS-if present), sensor size and has a large aperture camera that performs well even in low light and produces sharp images. is. In this, OIS refers to optical image stabilization which helps a lot in reducing the blur.

Let us tell you that we have considered phones with processors like Snapdragon 675, 845, and 855 which have great performance. The display size of these phones is from 5.5 inches to 6.4-inch display and these phones have RAM between 4GB and 8GB and storage is from 64GB to 256GB. This much configuration is sufficient to handle multitasking and store videos, images, music, and docs.

Best Smartphone Under 60000 in India

So without wasting your time let’s talk about the best and top Smartphones available in the market with a price of fewer than 60000 rupees. Below we have listed the best phones And this phone will prove to be very helpful to you.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus (Red, 128 GB)

photo of  Apple iPhone 7 Plus (Red, 128 GB)

Nice dual rear cameras (not as perfect as Samsung flagship phone cameras, but quite close in quality, though default camera app lacks in features). Portrait mode (Bokeh effect) using rear cameras is really cool to use (perfect to use for contact photos as it makes people’s faces very prominent), and you can also get apps from App Store for animated 3D effect using this Bokeh mode. Slo-Mo capture and Live Photos using the cameras are also awesome and cool to use. You can even set Live Photos as Lockscreen live wallpaper and when you press-and-hold on the locked screen, the photo comes alive.

Display is bright, but not as bright as some other Android phones I’ve seen. The resolution is great. The display and rear panel come covered with a protective plastic transparent sticker which can be removed, but I would recommend leaving it on and just snipping off the trailing ends, as this slim plastic is useful to protect the phone from scratches if you are going to place the phone into a case for daily use. Security and peace of mind. If you want that, get an iPhone – as simple as that. Hats off to Apple for ensuring the security and safety of its users is paramount.

Model Name iPhone 7 Plus
Operating System iOS 12
Internal Storage 128 GB
Primary Camera 12MP
Secondary Camera 7MP
Resolution Type Retina HD Display
Video Recording Resolution 3840 x 2160
Price Rs. 55,990

Apple iPhone XR (Coral, 128 GB)

photo of  Apple iPhone XR (Coral, 128 GB)

Everyone complaining about the screen, yes it’s an LCD display with HD resolution but it’s not that bad, it’s a good display very bright & colour accurate. The camera of this phone is just awesome, sound quality is very good(thanks to the stereo speakers) & performance is too good A12 bionic is dazzling fast. The only disadvantages are, no portrait mode for object’s & the bezels are thicker than it’s bigger brother. iPhone Xs, XS Max, and XR have better performance compare to X and 8 Plus. Among all these models iPhone XR has longer battery life.

The screen despite its low PPI (which is enough for the human eye) is really great. There is no issue with the screen resolution and the fact is that it’s bigger than the iPhone X or xs which is a great plus in my opinion because those phones are way too expensive for just a bit of more PPI. The processor is the same as XS so no issues there at all, 1 GB RAM is less which doesn’t matter due to the face that the iphone and ios are highly optimized. You are getting the same processor as xs i.e A12 bionic. Gamers would not find any reason to regret it.

Operating System iOS 12
Internal Storage 128 GB
Primary Camera 12MP
Secondary Camera 7MP
Model Name iPhone XR
Graphics PPI 326 PPI
Weight 194 g
Price Rs. 57,999

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Midnight Black, 64 GB)  (6 GB RAM)

photo of  Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Midnight Black, 64 GB)  (6 GB RAM)

The IPS panel on LG G7 is bad, has bluish tint all over and disappointing black levels. I knew IPS can’t have nice black levels but Bluish tint is so bad I can’t bear it. The boom box speaker is just hollow on LG G7. Software support is bad and even portrait mode was not even working after the March security patch. The display is so narrow and the phone is even uncomfortable and THAT NOTCH is so bad in person, why in the world they have a notch at all. The brightness boost is limited to 3 minutes only.

AMOLED display on this is just breathtaking. Black levels are perfect. It’s big enough to watch movies and series episodes. Camera is just awesome on this thing I mean LG G7 had laser autofocus and all that The telephoto lens comes handy while shooting macro shots. The S-PEN.Buy this if u can’t afford Note 9 but still want that stylus. It’s awesome and well integrated. The battery life could have been made better. They could have added a bigger battery. But Samsung was trying not to make the same mistake ad note 7 issues.

Operating System Android Nougat 7.1.1
Internal Storage 64 GB
Expandable Storage 256 GB
Primary Camera 12MP + 12MP
Secondary Camera 8MP
Battery Capacity Battery Capacity
Price Rs. 59,900

Apple iPhone 8 Plus (Gold, 256 GB)

photo of  Apple iPhone 8 Plus (Gold, 256 GB)

Just Awesome! Amazing audio quality, Amazing photo clarity, smooth touch screen, Totally satisfied with the dream phone own. The only problem I had was with call volume, where no customer care or Imagine showroom was able to assist without proper inquiry. Finally, Icare SerCen was able to help with the silly issue I had which was definitely not with the device. in single charge battery whole day use only drain 30%, display is super sharp compared to others. super smoothie performance, back camera is very awesome.

Now coming onto iPhone 8 plus features, it has tons of upgrades, Wireless charging, Augmented Reality capability, high stability with battery backup, nearly unlimited space for a phone (256 GB), iOS 11, at the current time, these are the best features. Wonderful phone upgrading from iphone 5 to iphone 8 plus. All functions are working well, no damages, before estimate delivery. The selfie camera is awesome but only in near capture. I phone 8 Plus have A11 Bionic chip 3GB ram dual 12mp camera front 7mp selfie same specifications like I phone x.

Operating System iOS 12
Internal Storage 256 GB
Primary Camera 12MP + 12MP
Secondary Camera 7MP
Model Name iPhone 8 Plus
Resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Graphics PPI 401 PPI
Price Rs. 58,900

OPPO Find X (Glacier Blue, 256 GB)  (8 GB RAM)

photo of  OPPO Find X (Glacier Blue, 256 GB)  (8 GB RAM)

Oppo Find X uses Qeexo’s EarSense to replace the proximity sensor. Qeexo states that EarSense’s proprietary AI algorithms identify a person’s face and ear when they are near or touching the screen, letting the device turn off the screen during a call. As it replaces the proximity sensor, EarSense makes it possible for device makers to remove top bezels and notches from phones to create better designs.

Oppo Find X integrates Dirac audio solutions. Dirac HD Sound, Dirac Power Sound, and Dirac Sensurround. The Oppo Find X doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack. On the software side, it integrates a suite of digital audio solutions from Dirac that includes the Dirac Power Sound speaker optimization solution, Dirac HD Sound earphone optimization solution, and Dirac Sensaround soundstage widening solution.

Operating System Android Oreo 8.1.0
Internal Storage 256 GB
Primary Camera 16MP + 20MP
Secondary Camera 25MP
Battery Capacity 3730 mAh
Weight 186 g
Price Rs. 58,990

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