Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000 in India 2020

Which is the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000?

Each and every beat is noticeable. There is no distortion at high Volume even the party songs feel good. If you are really looking for the best sound quality then this is for you. It lasts almost 8+ your continue usages, Good bass quality, the look is fine and the build quality is awesome, I would recommend going with it and of course, it’s under budget. We have Selected Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000 in India.

The battery backup is awesome. The base is good enough for hearing. The sound is so loud and suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. The sound is clear. Base and treble control are given. All types of input support available (aux, MicroSD card, Bluetooth, USB). Even not available in premium products. FM radio (not required to listen to the songs repeatedly).

Very clear sound and bass. How durable the rubber parts, can’t say. Very cheap USB& aux cable provided. Best Bluetooth speaker at a great price. True value to money. Battery backup and build quality is also very nice.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000 in India

So without wasting your time, let’s talk about the best and top Bluetooth Speakers available in the market with a price of less than Rs 3000. Below we have listed the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs 3000 in India. These Bluetooth Speakers will prove to be very useful for you.

Sony XB01 Portable Bluetooth Speaker  (Blue, Mono Channel)

 Sony XB01 Portable Bluetooth Speaker  (Blue, Mono Channel)

Talking about built quality the speaker is very well built and sturdy considering its a Sony product and it is also splashproof and can survive light shower of water. The sound quality and bass of the speaker is exceptional, the connectivity is also good (you can place the speaker in one room and the source of the music in another room yet receive uninterrupted music within the range given) but build quality and looks could be made better by a company like Sony.

Awesome speaker by Sony. Bass is really good, but of course, considering its size, it’s pretty powerful. The speaker produces clear sound without any distortion even at the highest volume level. It is sufficiently loud and produces good bass considering its size due to the dedicated woofer present below it. The battery backup is. When the battery gets low an orange light starts blinking at the top right and gets fully charged in around 1 hr time.

Bluetooth Yes
Wired/Wireless Wireless
Charging Time 3.5 hrs
Battery Use Time 6 hrs
Battery Capacity 800 mAh
Bluetooth 4.2
Bluetooth Range 10 m
Price Rs. 2,045

boAt Stone 1000 14 W Bluetooth Speaker

 boAt Stone 1000 14 W Bluetooth Speaker

if you are expecting that it will provide you a lot of basses and good quality sound at 10% or 20% volume (considering by your smartphone) then it’s not gonna happen still u can enjoy the song. it’s the best one in the market in this price slot. you are getting much more than what you are paying.! so buy it if you’re looking for any speaker which is loud enough to rock the party. Just close your eyes and buy this one. It will serve any purpose you want and in the sound quality section, It is a king.

The first thing u would do is connect it through Bluetooth with your mobile phone. you’ll think that sound quality is not that good, as you’ll be playing the song at low volume but it’s not the case when you’ll turn the volume up or to the Maximum. Actually you can also use it with your tv set it produces good quality output sound. you won’t regret after getting this order. but mind it, if you’re buying it for house parties or for dance practices then it’s the best pick in the market.

Wired/Wireless Wired & Wireless
Power Source USB Chargeable
Battery Use Time 8 hr
Battery Capacity 3000 mAh
Bluetooth 2.1
Bluetooth Range 10 m
Frequency Response 20000HZ
Price Rs. 2,998

JBL Go 2 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with Mic 

JBL Go 2 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with mic

Total value for money. Good sound quality. The microphone works well. You can use it for taking phone calls or meetings. Waterproofing the device is another bonus. Connects with both iOS and Android devices smoothly. No Bluetooth disconnection issue. Excellent speaker as it’s very convenient to carry it around plus it’s waterproof. GO 2 is a good product and highly portable. It is fairly loud and has a decent amount of bass. Although the speaker is small in size it is very loud. If you want a speaker for traveling purpose then this is the perfect one.

This is significantly better than JBL Go. The additional bass is immediately felt. Low notes are much more prominent. Loudness is certainly more and it is improved. Just find a suitable place in the room like a corner on the floor or next to a wall and the loudness is enhanced. With this size and the money, this is definitely a 5-star product. This speaker has rugged build quality, good looks and awesome audio quality with crystal clear sound. Battery is good and the best part is, it is getting charge while listening to music. 🙂

Power Source Battery Powered
Battery Average Life 5 Hours
Connector Type Bluetooth
Audio Wattage 3.1 Watts
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion
Voltage 3.7 Volts
Item Weight 186 g
Price Rs. 2,349

Zoook Boombox plus 32 W Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker

 Zoook Boombox plus 32 W Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker

The ZBB Bluetooth player is a very good player. Good sound quality. FM, sd card, USB drive, 3.5 mm line-in, Bluetooth, etc. available. Easy to connect. But the controls, especially on and off, are not conveniently placed. I would recommend this to all. Really good sound with adjustable bass and trebles. It can produce a heart-thumping bass (Thanks to the passive bass radiator) with proper equalizer settings. you will not regret buying this product.

Added features: FM is quite clear. Almost all channels are playing. USB connectivity is there so very useful in playing music directly from Pendrive. Design: Traditional design like an old tape recorder. Looks good and very handy. Easily portable. Good enough base considering the price…very loud..good clarity (8/10) good battery backup. Pairing is very easy n stable, FM support, equalizer support, it’s light for its size although not as portable as smaller Bluetooth speakers, overall a good purchase, specially designed for camping scenarios.

Wired/Wireless Wireless
Charging Time 5 hr
Battery Lithium-ion, Use Time 9 hr
Battery Capacity 5000 mAh
USB Ports 1 USB Ports
Bluetooth 4.2
Bluetooth Range 10 m
Price Rs. 2,899

TAGG Sonic-Angle-1 10 W Bluetooth Speaker

TAGG Sonic-Angle-1 10 W Bluetooth Speaker

At first, it has to tell you guys it has a 5×2 watt speaker that put out the heavy sound with punchy bass also it has 2200mah inbuilt rechargeable battery and it plays songs up to 8hrs, the speaker is also ipx5 water-resistant rating. Truly awesome amazing bt spikers. Best in class. Amazing Bass output. No cracks on sounds in upper volume. Extra features like Siri, Google assistant, and Pairing with another Tagg Sonic speaker. Portability(fits in your hand and very easy to carry in your backpack)

It is a very nice and good bass speaker which is good for home use .it is better than other Bluetooth speakers costing the same as optronic soundrum or jblgo2. It looks like a Small speaker but when you Switch it On, BOOM… It becomes a Party speaker. Too Bass, Too Loud, Too Clear with a Satisfactory Battery backup. when playing this speaker in a small room no required any home theater. I suggest you buy this one without any fear. good luck. Build quality is very good and also waterproof.

Wired/Wireless Wired & Wireless
Charging Time 4 hr
Battery Lithium ion, Use Time 8 hr
Battery Capacity 2200 mAh
Bluetooth 4.2
Type Mobile/Tablet Speaker
Power Output (RMS) 10 W
Price Rs. 2,499

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