Best Cooktop Under 2500 in India 2020

Are You Looking for a Best Induction CookTop Under the budget range of below Rs 2500? then You are at The Right Place where we have reviewed the best Induction Cooktop Under Rupees 2500 and Suggest you the best one.

In this induction cooktop, you can cook many things and use a timer to cook the dishes and also pause for some work in between while cooking. This induction of computer control comes with built-in technology. You can save a lot of energy with this because this induction cooktop has built-in power saver technology.

We have told about several company’s cooktop below, their details are explained in detail below. This cooktop is the perfect cookwear for the kitchen. You can cook comfortably with security in it.

Heats up and cools down quickly. Easy to clean. It has a regular-sized plug – unlike the large-sized ones provided with the higher power rating models.

Best Cooktop Under 2500 in India

Product list Buy FromBuy From
1.Prestige PIC 16.0 plus Flipkart Amazon
2.Billion FullGlass XC125 2200W Flipkart Amazon
3.Prestige PIC 12.0 Flipkart Amazon
4.V-Guard VIC 15 (2000 W)  Flipkart Amazon
5.Pigeon Sleek 2100W Flipkart Amazon

So without wasting your time, let’s talk about the best and top Cooktop available in the market with a price of less than 2500. Below we have listed the Best Cooktop Under 2500 in India. This Cooktop will prove to be very useful for you.

Prestige PIC 16.0 plus Induction Cooktop  (Black, Push Button)

 Prestige PIC 16.0 plus Induction Cooktop  (Black, Push Button)

This induction cook-top provides quick and continuous heating at high efficiency. Its magnetic wall, soft push buttons, durability, safety, and elegance add a comfortable and enjoyable cooking experience. It comes with a unique power saver. You can make many types of food like chapati, idli, curry, dosa, etc. It comes with a cooktop timer and poses a function for more convenience. Its automatic voltage regulator takes care of high and low voltage variants. You can save electricity with this induction cooktop. It has +/- to increase or decrease time and temp.

Type Induction Cooktop
Control Push Button
Power Consumption 1900 W
Power Input 230 V
Other Features Anti Magnetic Wall, Eco-Friendly, Energy Saving
Sales Package 1 Induction
Ratings 11,321
Price Rs.2,249

Billion FullGlass XC125 2200W Induction Cooktop

 Billion FullGlass XC125 2200W Induction Cooktop

You can control this cooktop from the touch panel. You can cook many dishes like Milk / Water, Gravy, Chapati, Dosa, Soup, Deep Fry, Stir Fry. Its display is a digital display and it comes with digital timer control. You can set a timer of 3 hr in it. It heats up very quickly. Its cord length is 1.5 m. It comes with automatic shut-off. It works brilliantly, heats food/water instantly, the glass surface is super easy to clean. Its really full glass and plastic quality also good very silent operation.

Type Induction Cooktop
Control Touch Button
Power Consumption 2200 W
Power Input 220 – 240 V
Automatic shut-off Yes
Timer Digital Timer Control
Ratings 6,423 
Price Rs.2,149

Prestige PIC 12.0 Induction Cooktop  (Push Button)

 Prestige PIC 12.0 Induction Cooktop  (Push Button)

There are more cooking options in pic 12 like pressure cook, dosa chappathi, idli. Even though small, the efficiency of pic 1 mini is equally good. 1200w is enough to cook rice, curry, meat, etc. For travel purposes, Pic 1 mini will be best as it will easily fit inside a bag of more than 20X 20 sizes. It gives 1500W of maximum power. It boils 1 liter of water for 3 minutes. There are also a ton of option s to set the temperature – you can set it to following temperatures (in Celsius): 100, 200, 350, 700, 1000, 1200. It boils eggs perfectly in about 12 minutes at 1200 W.

Type Induction Cooktop
Control Push Button
Power Consumption 1500 W
Power Input 230 V
Weight 1.9kg
Net Quantity 1 unit
Ratings 4,504
Price Rs.2,495

V-Guard VIC 15 (2000 W) Induction Cooktop  (Black, Push Button)

 V-Guard VIC 15 (2000 W) Induction Cooktop  (Black, Push Button)

This induction cooktop features manual temperature control as well as a cooking menu. According to me, it works optimum in the manual setting. All stainless steel & induction based utensils can be used on this cooktop. Very convenient. While cooking, the utensils do not become very hot (unlike gas top ). User-friendly cooktop I would say. Inbuilt quality & very easy to use quality are the highlights of this induction cooktop. it’s working properly and stylish with preset switches that are really handy.

Type Induction Cooktop
Control Push Button
Power Consumption 2000 W
Power Input 230V,50Hz
Timer setting 24 hr
Preset Cooking Menus Dosa, Chappathi, Idli, milk, Slow cook
Ratings 1,941
Price Rs.2,098

Pigeon Sleek 2100W Induction Cooktop  (Multicolor, Touch Panel)

 Pigeon Sleek 2100W Induction Cooktop  (Multicolor, Touch Panel)

This cooktop is made of premium quality glass with a black glass finish that looks very elegant. It has timer and temperature settings. This multi-functional cooktop has an LED display that gives us relevant information and looks elegant. For safety and convenience in this induction cooktop, it has a self-checking mechanism in the cooktop that shows the error code on the LED display. You can cook many dishes like sauté, curry, boil, hot milk, dosa, chapati, deep fry, and idli. Its control panel is a touch panel and its cord length is up to 1M m.

Type Induction Cooktop
Control Touch Panel
Power Consumption 2100 W
Power Input 220V, 6AMP
Timer setting Minutes hr
Display LED
Ratings 1,182
Price Rs.2,490

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